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  • 2.2KW Condenser Wall Mounted K20BS2

    DC Electric Air Conditioner for Cabs of Trucks, Trailers, Co...

  • 8.0KW All Roof Mounted AC100TB

    DC Electric Air Conditioner for Minibus/Van

  • Battery Driven Chiller C150TB for 2.5-3.5M³ Van

    Battery/DC Driven Refrigeration Unit

  • Engine Driven Chiller V450F For 16-18M³ Truck

    Engine Direct Driven Refrigeration Unit

  •  Diesel Engine Unit D700/D1000/D1200

    Electric Standby Unit & Diesel Engine Unit

  • 20.5KW Bus Air Conditioner AC180

    Bus Air Conditioner


Coruclima, as one of the world leaders specializes in transport temperature control systems, owns specialties in R&D and manufacture of transport refrigeration unit and air-conditioning system for trucks, vans, and various types of vehicles. Based on advanced core technology, all cooling products from Corunclima drastically reduce engine idling, pollution emission, and relevant cost.